The World's First TTRPG Quick Start Kit Built For Inclusivity, Fun, And Healing  

A setting where two neurodiverse individuals created a world that was safe for everybody and designed for individuals who struggle with materials designed by, and for, what our culture considers 'normal.' 

Realms Of Kymoria Is Formatted And Designed To Help Players Become More Confident And Mindful Game Masters

  • Session zero roadmap with dialogue examples and explanations
  • Experts on Implicit Bias and Racial Trauma were consulted during testing to ensure topics and content are presented safely and inclusively
  • Special tips are provided throughout the module to offer insight, suggestions, and helpful reminders 
  • Clearly defined sections help you recognize game master notes, scene transitions, and more
  • Adventure module helps introduce the setting organically for players through each of the Acts

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Not Just A Setting You Can Play In But One You Can Support And Heal In

The Society of Success is a prominent business that is dedicated to helping individuals overcome health conditions or impairments and become an adventurer too.

For therapeutic game masters there are dozens of therapeutic encounter opportunity callouts provided throughout the module . The story is written to easily disguise and integrate these moments into play sessions for clients and peers alike. All of the encounter callouts have clinical note examples from two different professionals in the appendix.


Designed To Support The Busy Game Master

Those familiar with ttrpg mechanics demonstrated during our alpha and beta testing to be able to have a session starting with less than an hour of prep work.

The Adventure Module has story beats at the beginning of every Act to help recognize the important pieces to keep the story moving forward.

Flix, who is a key figure for our adventurers,  shares insight and suggestions with the game master throughout the module. The ‘Flix Tips,’ as they are called, provide a more casual and communicative approach to talk to the game master and offer insight and suggestions relevant to the scene they are in.

Five unique pre-made characters, written with personality and fun at their core, are ready your players or as a game master NPC. 

Realms Of Kymoria Is Packed Full Of Features. These Three Are Near And Dear To Our Hearts


Breaks the barrier to entry for TTRPGs and the complexity surrounding how to start a game and how the game master is supposed to move from reading the lore and starting the actual adventure.


Mental health professionals have a tabletop role playing game that will  provide their clients a place to process trauma and everyday stressors in a fantastical space that provides a safe and engaging therapeutic session 


A deliberate effort to not only include player options that are inclusive and welcoming but make this feature a core aspect of the overall setting and culture.


Created For Brand New Game Masters While Still Providing Value, Insight, And Structure For The Experienced Game Master

The Quick Start Kit introduces a brand-new world, new species, everyday backgrounds and mental health flaw backgrounds, a setting that is built with diversity and inclusion at the forefront where representation matters, all wrapped up with adventurers that emphasize mindfulness without sacrificing the fun. 

All of the content above comes packed with insight, suggestions, and examples to help you get started and run the best session you can.


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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!